Our Purpose

To create workforce management programs that are efficient, productive, and customized to achieve our client’s desired results.

The process to design customized programs is a collaborative effort to its core - inspired by and built by workforce specialists for sophisticated purveyors and consumers of luxury brands.

Beauty & Fragrance

US-Based Luxury Clinical Skincare Company (Partners Since: 2014)

A rapidly growing physician-developed clinical skincare company was hiring 1099 workers to represent their products. To support their future growth and expansion, they wanted a more defined sales program with a dedicated sales team. Per the request of a large retailer, they needed to move quickly.

After doing their industry homework, they contacted us and we worked with them to establish a customized program to support their goals. We turned 300+ freelancers into W2 employees within two weeks and set up a technology platform that aligned with their defined territories and sales teams. They exceeded both the retailer's expectations as well as their own sales projections. Best of all, they’ve been so successful that they’re now pre-IPO status.

Beauty & Fragrance

US-Based Luxury Clinical Skincare Company (Partners Since: 2014)

10 years ago, this company introduced a revolutionary product that has pioneered a new category in luxury hair and body treatments. They are now an iconic beauty brand that empowers beautiful transformations with the highest quality hair and body products.

They hired an experienced luxury beauty sales leader to develop their sales program bolstered by a strong team. One of his first actions was to call and invite us to work with him on designing a program that would support his sales program.

Beauty & Fragrance

Official Distributor of Niche Perfumes (Partners Since: 2018)

The owner of this company contacted us because he wanted a partner who was a seasoned risk mitigator, well-versed in state-by-state compliance law.

With a presence in numerous states that enforce varying mandates on sick pay, FMLA, health care, and more, he had thought about hiring a human resource and compliance expert, but first consulted us. We reviewed his current staffing model and suggested a custom solution.

His primary focuses was to retain talent with competitive healthcare benefits and mitigate compliance risk specifically regarding unemployment and worker’s compensation.

After collaborating closely with him and his leadership team, we created a custom program and implementation process that met his expectations and ensured his team felt valued, well cared for, and respected. There was zero attrition because of this change.

Luxury Goods

Japanese Global Watch Designer and Manufacturer (Partners Since: 1996)

25 years ago, when the Japanese company decided to expand into retail merchandising of their digital watches, they requested we create the Luxury Method Payroll Division service offerings to help them engage and retain top merchandisers and retail selling specialists.

Fashion & Apparel

French Privately-Held Global Company Specializing in Haute Couture and Luxury Goods (Partners Since: 2011)

Thanks to industry referrals, we earned the opportunity to partner with this company to develop a customized program that delivers an uncompromising luxury service experience. This program includes training components and recognition programs.

Our service offerings with this partnership have expanded to include retailers, company-owned boutiques, and professional staffing support throughout the U.S. and the headquarter locations in NYC and NJ.