Established in 1995

We are born of the conviction that human connection is beautiful.

Second only to a stunning product, a carefully curated workforce with a passion for the finer things is a brand’s best asset.

We were established by CoWorx Staffing Services over 25 years ago and we’ve been crafting custom workforce management services for some of the world’s most revered luxury brands ever since.

Service in Style

The most revered luxury brands in the world are all stitched together by one underlying principle: consistency. We took a page out of that book when we entered the playing field.

So when we say that our clients don’t have to worry about anything, we mean it. We understand compliance regulation down to the punctuation; track real-time scheduling down to the minute; measure budgets down to the cents. Some might say it’s overkill. We say it’s good business, and have since the day Luxury Method was born.

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We're All High Touch

Trust, longevity, and a little bit of fun characterize our client relationships. We take great care in knowing the logistical inner workings of our clients’ businesses and addressing them with the attention to detail and empathy they deserve.

We successfully live up to our mission everyday: Our human-centric method creates an environment where our associates, customers and consumers are respected and valued.

Tim Hartnett


Tim is the CEO of Luxury Method and its parent company CoWorx Staffing Services. Tim spent much of his career at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, a multinational professional services firm, where he served as the US and global leader of the Private Equity Practice. Throughout his career, Tim has focused on acquisitions and growing companies through operational improvements. Tim has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Boston College and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School.

Robin Curran

Vice President of Luxury Method

As Vice President of Luxury Method, Robin is responsible for the promotion and growth of our Luxury Method Brand.

She has over 30 years of experience working with discerning companies, and their business leaders, assisting them in achieving their goals. Working with such prestigious companies throughout her career has given Robin the opportunity to do what she loves and achieve great personal satisfaction by contributing to her clients’ success.

Robin and Nancy work with each client from the first interaction and throughout each partnership to understand the specific business goals and objectives. They custom design, and continually enhance, client-specific programs to ensure clients are achieving their goals. Their combined experience enables Luxury Method to provide industry intelligence and best practice guidance and respond quickly to support new initiatives.

“Our team is dedicated to seamless implementation and white-glove personal service, including ongoing guidance and training to all Luxury Method talent and clients,” says Robin.

“We also proudly sponsor certification and recognition programs to thank our Luxury Talent and recognize them for their hard work and contributions that positively impact our clients’ businesses.”

Nancy Fresnics

Director of Luxury Method

A seasoned veteran in luxury retail staffing, Nancy has earned the trust of clients including some of beauty’s best-loved brands.

Nancy has enjoyed a career of experience with CoWorx Staffing in various positions, and now serves as Director for the Luxury Method Brand.

Nancy’s passion for fine fragrances and luxury goods, along with her drive to provide superior customer service, makes this position a dream job for her. Nancy’s decades of experience managing fragrance, beauty and luxury goods clients, while remaining up to date with HR compliance issues such as sick pay ordinances, has earned the continued trust of our clients.

In 2011, Nancy was awarded with the prestigious President’s Award for her contributions in the Luxury Method Brand. This award recognized Nancy for “changing the way we do business” thanks to her work implementing a streamlined process for clients’ Account Executives to approve time sheets for Retail Selling Specialists.

As Director, Nancy oversees sales and account implementation and management. She also mentors and manages the team of Customer Engagement Specialists and Customer Care Representatives.

Throughout the years, we've been recognized by some of the best.