We are Always One Step Ahead

Second only to a stunning product, a carefully curated workforce with passion for the finer things is a brand’s best asset.

We help our clients rally the unbridled potential of a ready-to-work crew of professionals to make a notable impact on sales and brand visibility for every last one of their doors.

Adept, scalable technology, an intimate knowledge of the industry’s logistics, and deep, enduring relationships fortify our ability to be a true and trusted partner to the world’s most revered brands—it shows in our pristine track record. And, as brands continue to evolve, consumers’ needs and shopping styles change, and technology advances, we always remain a step ahead of the curve.

Distributed Workforce Management

We work to understand your business and your goals nearly as well as you do so that we’re not only taking care of the to-do list, we’re always streamlining, optimizing, saving time (an average of 5 hours of Account Executive time per week), and maximizing budgets.

  • Custom-tailored programs for each client
  • Partnerships with C-level to salesforce
  • Proactive coaching, counseling, and mentorship
  • Expedite healthy turnover of staff while minimizing regrettable loss

Scheduling, Budgeting & Tracking

Transparency is everything—from the scheduling and shift management to real-time hours worked, everyone from the sales staff to the account executives have a full understanding of what’s happening and when.

  • 24/7 unlimited access to real-time budgeting and scheduling platform
  • Close monitoring of sales and rejected shifts
  • Schedules are communicated via email or text and accessible on mobile devices
  • Saturday work week-ending date that aligns to the retail calendar
  • Real-time tracking of:
    • Worked hours vs. scheduled hours
    • Actual costs vs. scheduled costs


Keeping up with the vagaries of federal and state compliance and regulations is a task we shoulder with pride. Rest easy knowing that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted.

  • Retail Selling Specialists classification as W2 employees of Luxury Method
  • Remote I-9 process that verifies U.S. work eligibility
    • Candidates are permitted to choose an agent of their choice and we don’t require our clients to be a part of this process
  • Unemployment, workers comp, and associated risk cost management
  • Tracking and management of sick pay mandates
  • Wage and hour compliance including managing meal break periods

Payroll & Benefits

It’s not enough to make payroll on time. A motivated salesforce is inspired, well compensated, and well taken care of. We ensure the health and happiness of the Retail Selling Specialists so when they step on to the floor, they’re empowered to make a real connection with the customers that walk in the door.

  • Timely time sheet submission
  • Talent management reporting
    • This allows for the identification, acknowledgement, and reward of the top-performing sales talent
  • Weekly payroll
  • Pay options include direct deposit and checks
  • Affordable, ACA-compliant medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Short-term disability, term life and AD&D
  • 401k after eligibility requirements are met

Data & Analytics

A collection of data is nothing if not for sharp organization and transparent reporting. We provide complete clarity about who worked, when, and where so your guesswork is reduced to zero.

  • Down-to-the-door level communication and decision-making solutions
  • Centralized, secure data and reporting for integrity and transparency
  • Weekly and month-end reporting to sales and finance
  • Reporting based on hierarchy:
    • Finance, VP, Regional Director, Account Executive
  • Raw data formats: Excel, CSV, PDF


We’ve got your back. As the maestro of your vision, we hold your goals at the center of our universe and executing on them as passionately and efficiently as if they were our life’s work of art.

  • Custom-designed onboarding packages
  • Training webinars for RS & AEs with live Q&A sessions
  • Ability to integrate client specific product training with our technology and facilitate training
  • Facilitation of our clients’ product training
  • Extended customer care availability including one-on-one appointments