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Luxurymethod.com General Terms and Conditions Regarding Use of Site

Luxurymethod.com and the content contained therein is the sole property of Luxury Method Staffing Services LLC (Luxury Method). This web site is maintained in order to provide information regarding the services Luxury Method offers to its clients and employees, both potential and real. Copying, viewing and using the contents of this site for any purposes other than that of your personal use is strictly prohibited. The permission of Luxury Method to use this site and its contents may be rescinded at any time and in such event, will not give any license or right, express or implied, to use said contents for purposes other than permitted in this statement.

You are permitted by Luxury Method to refer to its uniform resource locator (URL) in regards to the purposes stated above, but linking to Luxurymethod.com without the express written consent of Luxury Method is prohibited. While Luxurymethod.com may contain links to other web sites, Luxury Method does not maintain or sponsor those web sites, nor is it affiliated with the entities that do maintain or sponsor those web sites. In addition, Luxury Method does not take responsibility for the content provided by web sites that it does not maintain or sponsor.

You acknowledge and agree by use of this site, and by your electronic communications with Luxury Method that Luxury Method assumes no obligations or liability resulting from such use and communication, including an obligation of confidentiality. No contractual offers or acceptance of contractual offers are made via the content contained in, or provided through, this web site.

Although Luxury Method provides the ability to apply for work or submit a resume via its web site, this does not constitute an offer of employment on the part of Luxury Method. This functionality exists for the sole purpose of providing a tool for Luxury Method to evaluate the qualifications of potential employees. Luxury Method takes all reasonable actions necessary in maintaining the confidentiality of applicant information, but has no control in regards to emailed communications prior to being received by Luxury Method and assumes no obligation and is not liable for said transmissions.

Luxury Method strives to keep the information contained on its web site as accurate and up to date as possible, but makes no guarantee of the accuracy or timeliness of this information. Luxury Method disclaims all guaranties, express or implied, including without limitation the guarantees of merchantability, compatibility for a specific use and non-infringement regarding any content or works available at or through Luxurymethod.com. Anyone copying, using or distributing information obtained from Luxurymethod.com agrees to indemnify and defend Luxury Method and its affiliates from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liabilities, suits, proceedings, losses, damages, attorneys fees and costs of all kinds which may arise from these actions.